How long until I place my order until delivery?
We do our best to ship securely and quickly. The normal transit time after fund collection is 4-8 days for all HGH, Peptides, and Anabolics. Bitcoin is instant and those orders are processed faster.
Do you send an email confirmation of my order?
You will get an email with all information. If you don’t get this instantly then check Spam.
Is there a minimum?
Yes, there is now a minimum of 200 USD
How can I order?
You can make an order through the site with One Page Checkout, you don’t have to register. Or you can make an order through email – red@apollo.gs


What payments can I use?
We accept Western Union, MoneyGram and Bitcoin or Zelle.
Litecoin and Ethereum are also now accepted.

Don’t have a bitcoin account?
This is easy, you only need to set up a wallet, fund the account, and pay your bitcoin invoice in about 20 minutes. Go to https://localbitcoins.com and sign up for an account. You don’t need ID. This takes 1 minute. You will get your own wallet there. For now, you can think of your wallet as your bitcoin bank account, it holds your money.


How much does shipping cost?
Apollo charges a flat fee of USD25 for shipping for each order.
How long do I have to wait?
The normal transit time after fund collection is 4-8 days for HGH, Peptides, and Anabolics.
​Do I have to sign for delivery?
No signature required.


You can send an email to us at anytime, we are always happy to hear from our clients.
We ask that you post on any forum or rate the products on our site (all info is anonymized)