Winstrol 30 x 50mg tabs


30 x 50mg tabs

  • Chemical name:  Stanozonol
  • Tested at 52.17mg
  • Fast domestic delivery
  • Custom pressed GMP tablets for Apollo.

Winstrol  is  used by athletes who are looking to acquire the dry, hard physique.
Stanozolol is one of the most popular anabolic steroids, although it is popular with its brand name, Winstrol. It is a synthetically derived from testosterone and has both anabolic and androgenic features. It was first developed in the distant 1962 but in 2010 it was withdrawn from the US and reclassified as Schedule III controlled substance because of the huge effect it can have on your body. It became hugely popular back in 1988 when the golden Olympic winner Ben Johnson was caught using it and was stripped of its 100m sprinting gold medal.