T3 30 x 50mcg tabs


30 x 50mcg tabs

  • Chemical name:  Liothyronine Sodium
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  • Custom pressed GMP tablets for Apollo.

T3 Liothyronine Sodium (Cytomel)

T3 is commonly used medically to treat hypothyroidism and in research to treat effect on fatty tissue and metabolism. T3 has reliably shown potent fat loss in subjects and a reliable safety profile when administered in even small amounts.

An important aspect of T3 is its ability to influence weight loss.
So does T3 help with weight loss?
The answer yes a resounding yes!

Used to treat the symptoms of low thyroid hormone (Hypothyroidism), and enlarged thyroid gland (nontoxic goiter), Myxedema and Myxedema Coma.